Policy Research Institute (PRI) is a think tank of the Government of Nepal established to perform three tasks in particular in relation to public policymaking. The first is to undertake review, analysis and research of existing public policies and recommend to the Government the reforms the policies need to undergo. The second is to generate research-based evidence that calls for the enactment of new policies either because existing policies are not enough or there is a complete policy void. The third is to help the Government in drafting public policies. Put differently, PRI serves as an interface between knowledge and public policy innovation.

PRI successfully launched Nepal Public Policy Review (NPPR), a peer-reviewed journal. Recently we published the second volume of the journal on the auspicious occasion of PRI Establishment Day ( ९ असोज २०७९ or 25 September 2022). The recent volume consists of 18 articles including policy commentaries and editorial.

You are invited to browse our recent volume at and share your thoughts and ideas about the materials therein. An NPPR Facebook Page ( has also been set up as a dialogical forum for those interested in sharing their ideas and responding to comments and queries.

NPPR invites all of you to submit your research articles within the aims and scope of the journal by May 30, 2023. We expect to complete the review process of all submissions within three months after receipt, however, it depends on multiple factors including the time taken by reviewers and the authors to respond to the reviewers' comments. All articles that pass through the review process and acceptance criteria will be published online immediately. All articles completed the review process including the final acceptance decision by August 30 will be included in the volume to be launched on September 26.

you can submit articles by sending your manuscript to, or or through the online submission system

There is no Article Processing Fee (APC) to publish your article in this journal. All manuscript that passes the editorial and review process will be published free of cost and your accepted article will be available freely under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). 

Official publication date: September 26, every year (PRI Establishment Day). However, all accepted articles will be available online immediately after the production process.