Evolving Trend of Domicile and Nationality in Private International Law with special reference to Nepal


  • Sagar Baral Nepal Bar Council (Advocate)




domicile, habitual residence, foreign element, civil code, nationality


Understanding the domicile and nationality is the key to properly adjudicating a case involving a foreign element by the judiciary. In this milieu, this paper aspires to analyse the concept of domicile and nationality with its evolving trend and evaluate the Nepalese judicial and legal policy on domicile and nationality through observation of international and local practices. Furthermore, this paper aims to trace the current policy gap in the legal and judicial interpretation of the domicile and nationality in the Nepalese context, including the citizenship bill. The paper concludes that connecting factors need to be used contextually on a case-to-case basis with proper policy genesis. It also prescribes key recommendations to address existing gaps, such as interpreting the habitual residence and nationality, domesticating the various Convention on the PIL such as Hague Conference on PIL, Law Applicable to Matrimonial Property Regimes, 1978, Celebration and Recognition of the Validity of Marriage, 1978, etc.

Author Biography

Sagar Baral, Nepal Bar Council (Advocate)

Baral, an advocate of the Nepal Bar Council and PIL activist, earned his law degree from Kathmandu School of Law with distinction division. He is currently pursuing LLM in Business and International Trade Law at Purbanchal University. He has made numerous paper presentation and published research articles in reputable journals on intellectual property law, public international law, environmental law, international commercial law, and constitutional law demonstrating his academic rigor. He is also the co-author of the book "Practices of Fiscal Federalism in Nepal” which assess Nepalese present fiscal federalism modality. Moreover, Baral is a “Millennium Fellow” of the United National Academic Impact and Millennium Campus Network selected based on his project “Airport Environmental Nightmare”. His professional and personal philosophy includes giving back in ways that make a meaningful difference to the local and global communities for social engineering. By virtue of this philosophy, he recently filed PIL in the supreme court of Nepal demanding the legal framework for the regulation of cryptocurrency in Nepal.


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Legislations and International Law

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Law Applicable to Matrimonial Property Regimes 1978

Non-Resident Nepali Act 2008

National Civil Code 2017

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Treaty Act 1990

Wills Act 1963

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